Then He Who Sat On The Throne Said:
‘Behold, I Make ALL THINGS New.”


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What is Rhema-Coaching?

The Main Focus Of The Coaching Is To Bring All The Life-Spheres Of The One Who Receives Coaching Into The Will Of God. In Order To Do So, Not Only Insight Is Necessary But Also The Mandate Of
The Father To Remove obstacles which We Come Across During The Coaching Moments. The One Who Receives Coaching Is Totally Focused On The Spirit Of Christ During The Coaching Moments,
And Receives From That Spirit Of Prophecy (Rev. 19:10d) What he or she Needs At That Moment,
As Described In Isaiah 11:2 And John 1:16: Love, Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Might, Knowledge, And Fear Of The Lord. God Uses The Fear Of The Lord To Correct The One Who Receives Coaching
In his Or her Life Where Necessary.
All Known aspects, methods and therapies Can Be Part Of The Rhema-Coaching, Such As Lifeshaping, Deprogrammation, Deliverance, Etc. Because The Holy Spirit cannot be canalized or controlled.


What Is The Value Of Rhema-Coaching?

Rhema-Coaching Goes Deeper Than pastoral psychology and clinical psychology. Because With Rhema-Coaching, not a human being Is The Coach, But The Holy Spirit. Most clinical psychologists seems to work from a dual view of man; soul and body. Clinical psychology is thus focused on the psyche (soul) of man. The Father Teaches Us That Human Beings Are Threefold: Spirit, Soul And Body.
Clinical psychology has no Insight In The Spirit of man And Of God, and is thus incredibly limited. Because pastoral psychology is rooted in clinical psychology, her methods are absolutely not sufficient for The Complete Healing Of Man. Besides, both make use of ‘methods’, whereby the therapist mainly uses rational knowledge. And where they are guided by their intuition, this intuition is defiled.
With Rhema-Coaching, The Coach Is The Holy Spirit, And He Is The One Who Truly Knows All Of Man In Every Aspect And Dimension. The Holy Spirit Also Works Uncountable Times Faster Than the human mind or the senses of a psychologist, So That The Coach Who Operates In The Holy Spirit Has
A Complete Picture Of The One Who Receives Coaching, And Brings his or her problems (Challenges), knots, bondages, traumas, Gifts, Talents, Promises, Blueprints, And More, To The Surface.
The Holy Spirit Is The Spirit Of Order And Works First On That Which Is First Important. The Coach Is First Of All Focused On The Heart Of God And Speaks, Lead By The Holy Spirit, From That Heart What God Has For The Confident At That Moment. This Is Rhema. The Coach Does not Know ‘anything’ Except Jesus Christ And Him Crucified And Resurrected (1 Cor. 2:2), Through Whom We Can Freely Enter Into The Fullness Of God’s Spirit (Eph. 3:19)


It Is Very Simple

You Are A Member Of The Body Of Christ, That Member Has To Be In The Right Place Within The Body Of Christ, So That The Veins Can Be Connected. Only When A Member Is In The Right Order, The Blood Of Jesus Can Flow. Only Then, His Blood Can Cleanse your Blood And Wash Away The sin and iniquity and Give you As Member The Nourishment you Need To Live And Function.
Only When The Blood Can Flow, The Anointing Can Flow There As Well. An Apostolic Prophetic Rhema Coaching Moment Has The Purpose To Bring you In The Right Place In The Body Of Christ. So That
His Blood, His Life Shall Truly Flow Through you, Only Then you Will Be Like A Mary Of Magdalene,
In Worship At His Feet. We Will Explain To you The Deep Mystery Of Who She Was. This Is
The True Gospel, Jesus Said (Mat. 26:13).


What Does A Coaching Moment Look Like?

First, We Take Bread And Wine With Each Other, And Remember What Jesus Did For Us (Isa. 53)
And What He Tells Us To Do First (Matt. 26:13), Then We Enter Into Prayer And Allow Ourselves To Be Led By The Impressions The Holy Spirit Gives Us. From Experience We Know That The Holy Spirit Clearly Indicates When A Coaching Moment Has Ended For That Moment.


Own Responsibility

As Coaches, We Are 24/7 Tested By The Holy Spirit. But Also We Can Make mistakes. It Is Important That The One who Receives Coaching Tests Everything With The The Holy Spirit And The Word Of God What Comes From Us As Coaches, And that you Ask All of your Questions. You, As The One Who Receives Coaching, Are Responsible For The Choices you Make Based On These Revelations.


Prerequisites From The Word Of God, To Partake In A Rhema-Coaching Moment:

  • Being A Disciple Of Jesus Or Wanting To Become One (Luk.14:25-35)
  • Being Born Again Or Wanting To Become Born Again (John 3:5-8)
  • Fully Embracing The Cross (Phil.3:6-16)
  • Not forsaking The Assembling of Ourselves Together (Hebr.10:25)
  • Acknowledging The Word Of God And (wanting to) Obey It (2 Tim.3:16-17)
  • Acknowledging The High Priestly, Prophetic And Apostolic Gift Within The Congregation
    (1 Cor. 14:1)
  • Being Willing To Submit yourself to The Correction Revealed By God, And Fight Against sin,
    For your Salvation And Victory (Hebr.12)
  • Handling finances As God Directs In His Word (Prov.3:9)
  • Living Or Being Prepared To Live According To The Blueprint Of The First Congregation
    In Acts 2, 4, And Psalm 133


Quality mark or umbrella organisation?

As Coaches From The River Of Fullness We Are Deliberately not supervised by an umbrella organisation, which is always connected with the false jezuit priesthood, nor are we connected to
a similarly organized association of coaches. Why not? We Know that all institutions and systems are defiled by the world system. Instead, you Need To Come Out of these institutions and systems In Order To Come Into True Freedom. The Word Of God Calls This The ‘Coming Free From the basic principles
of this world’ (Col. 2:8+20, Rev. 18:4). Furthermore, The Holy Spirit Teaches Us About All Things
(1 John 2:27).
We Believe That The Holy Spirit Teaches Us And Corrects Us, And Gives Us The Quality Mark
Of Apostleship (1 Cor. 9:2) Which Are Good Biblical Fruits. We Appreciate It When Brothers Or Sisters
Are Lead By The Spirit To Correct Us Based On The Word God Reveals, And Do So In Love
In The Way The Father Teaches Us (Gal. 6:1).


As Called, Equipped, Released and Trained Witnesses Of The Most High, We Serve The Father Through Jesus Christ Only Through Rhema-Coaching, Based On The Willingness To Completely Dedicate oneself To Jesus The Christ; The Only Way For man To Fully Come Into your True Identity And Life With Eternal Value.




River of Fullness
Apostolic Prophetic Source Centre


your Coaches

Jehovah Mekoddishkem (The LORD Who Sanctifies you)


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….In His Flow, By Grace!




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